My Cup of Tea: Love at First Sight

Is it possible to fall in love at first sight? I haven’t experienced such because for me – love is supposed to be founded on friendship and trust. Now, if you are not my friend nor I don’t trust you, falling in love with you is a bit far from possible.

Lately, I have been told that one person got interested in me to the point that he wants to marry me already – without knowing fully who I am. I have no idea who this person is. But as what his spokesperson told me, he will be bringing his family to meet with mine next month. Yes, next month. 😩

The backstory was this person was looking for someone to marry. Then I was introduced to him by someone who also works in the same workplace with me. He came to the building where our office is located and waited just to see me. He saw me. He approved. And well, he is about to ask for my hand in marriage.

And here I am, dumbfounded about everything. 

I understand the “nikah before love” ideology of Islam. However, I kind of prefer to know first the person that I am going to marry as a friend before going into the formalities.I want to know how he is practicing Islam. I also want to know how he handles happiness, sadness, excitement, stress and so on. Because I also want to know how I should handle situations such as those when I am with him on a daily basis already.

I don’t know what awaits me on this one. But there is only one thing that I know: “I am not ready to give my life and half of my deen to someone I barely know.”

Then again, Allah SWT knows best. HE knows what is in my heart.

is an accountant who believes in love and compassion. She advocates youth and women empowerment and interbelief dialogues. She founded Hijabi Mag in 2015.

  1. Najmah

    27 December

    Assalamu alaikom, salatul istikhara ka sis. Tell them din itong intention mo na somehow gusto mo naman makilala kahit papaano. Ill include you in my dua sis. I want the best for you talaga. You deserve the best and great happiness. ❤

    • Kai Darul

      27 December

      Wa alaikumussalam sis.
      Indeed. Salatul istikhara talaga dapat. Thank you for your concern sis. ❤ I pray for the best for you as well as you pray for mine. I missed you!

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