Poetry: When the heart talks

The most unexpected event
But the happiest one.
You said you changed
They were taken aback
Nobody believed
except me.
You were a whole of bad with a dot of good
I was a whole of good with a dot of bad
Together, we created an equilibrium.
A wedding can be so thrilling.
When the demand came,
we found ourselves
digging for gold,
looking for treasures,
praying for a miracle.
The tears seem to have run dry
The hurt seems to have numbed
The heart suffered enough.
Was how racism sounded like
When the paintball gunshot at its aim.
But it hit the wrong people physically.
However, It hit me emotionally and mentally.
I was wearing my hijab.
A piece of cloth covered me,
and told the world to
listen instead of stare,
understand instead of criticizing,
and take me as a mind instead of a body.
For a lot of reasons, I have been away from everything.
I have been constantly searching for myself amidst all of this chaos.
I have questioned myself far way harder than usual.
I have been on the verge of hitting rock bottom.
But I continue to strive and fight to win this battle.
For the blessing that you are,
I thank Allah for His generosity.


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