My Cup of Tea: Waiting For My Second Baby

My Cup of Tea: Waiting For My Second Baby


Sitting here at the dining table, I am trying to calm myself. It has been two weeks since I’ve had a very painful contraction. In fact, I thought that I will be giving birth at merely 36 weeks to my second baby. But no. Two weeks after, I am still waiting for the baby to come. And as I rummage through my memories on how I delivered Zedie at 38 weeks in 2019, I become more and more anxious about this baby. I am closer to 39 weeks and I am still waiting for him to budge.

I have been exercising for the past two weeks. And just before that, I have been working. Having known the pain of labor and delivering a baby probably led to this anxiety. I have been praying for a week now about the delivery. Seriously, it is never easy to give birth. The pain. The agony. The aftermath. Everything has been sinking in now.

But don’t get me wrong. I personally think that I and my husband are very blessed to be having our second baby third year into marriage. In fact, we have already chosen a name. A beautiful and meaningful one. We are eager to meet him already. It won’t be easy to take care of him, but it will always be worth everything.

I just needed to let this out. And yes, back to waiting and praying…


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